Would You Go Ahead and Try this Weed Gum if You’re in Chronic Pain?

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The company that created this gum have stated that it has plenty of unique properties. For example, it has equal parts of CBD, THC and more which can be absorbed right into the mouth. It does all of this by bypassing the liver and this is great because it gives you a controlled and regulated release of the oral mucosal capillary. The gum itself comes with 5mg of CBD and it also comes with 5mg of THC as well. Of course, both of these deliver very potent therapeutic capabilities and John Zajicek, a notable professor, has stated that when you chew the gum as opposed to inhaling or even ingesting, you can experience a lot less side effects.

Of course, when you take a look at the concept of chewing, you’ll find that it has a lot of benefits of its own and this is the fact that it is compounded by the various cannabinoids. Chewing can offer you both neuroprotective and even neurostimulatory benefits and this is all done on the mind. Chewing can help you to relieve stress and it can also help you with your cardiovascular system as well.

So as you can see, chewing is great for you and it is also great for your mind as well but there are a couple of things that you need to keep in mind before you do go and pick this item up for yourself. One of them is that it doesn’t give you the same peak that smoking cannabis does and it also doesn’t give you the same side effects as well, as a result. Of course, this could be a breakthrough when you compare it to the other treatments out there but only time will tell.

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