Woman Jailed After Threatening to Explode Swedish Embassy in Support of ASAP Rocky

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As ASAP Rocky stays Swedish custody, the calls for his release have ended up being significantly louder and, in the case of one female, far more violent.

According to a NBC 4 Washington, 26-year-old Rebecca Kanter was detained on Tuesday after she apparently threatened to “explode” the Swedish Embassy in D.C. during an obvious protest of the rap artist’s imprisonment. Secret Service Officer William Ayers specified Kanter first appeared at the Swedish complex on Monday when she […] and yelled out ‘I’m going to blow this motherfucker up.'” She apparently left the properties prior to law enforcement could step in, and went on to blog about her efforts on social networks.

“[…] Why isn’t it breaking news that I defiled the House of Sweden last night, that I vandalized the Wold Bank, that I vandalized the IMF,” she wrote online, according to a criminal complaint penned by Ayers. “[…] Why aren’t I getting press for ASAP?”

So, Kanter went back to the scene the following day. During the second time around, she supposedly started shouting profanities at embassy workers and a student trip group, as well as “making statements” about Rocky. Kanter was also accused of damaging home within the structure, consisting of a teepee display screen and a coffee table.

Embassy personnel required Kanter to leave the properties; nevertheless, the female declined and reportedly said, “Call the police, I am not leaving.”

She was jailed by secret service, and reserved on charges of willfully hurting and harming home of a foreign federal government and declining to depart a foreign embassy. According to NBC 4, she has been launched on bond and is set up to appear in court on July 31.

Rocky— legal name Rakim Mayers— was jailed by Swedish authorities on July 2 for alleged attack. The Harlem rapper was recorded in a physical altercation in the streets of Stockholm at the end of June; however, he and his legal group insist it was an act of self-defense. Rocky was officially charged with attack on Thursday and is scheduled to stand trial next week.


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