All about Vapor Shark DNA 250

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Vapor Shark DNA 250 can be rightly termed as a revolution in the field of vaporizer devices. Vapor Shark is a company which has gained popularity for providing high quality vape devices. One such product launched by them is the Vapor Shark DNA 250.

Features of Vapor Shark DNA 250

The internal components of the mod have been upgraded to high quality and the device has an operating range between 1 and 250 W. The device offers an advantage of sensitive, accurate, as well as adaptive temperature control which adds to its functionality. The body of the mod is made up of 6031 aluminium metal alloy. The best part about 6031 aluminium metal alloy is that it is sturdy, resilient, as well as strong, though it remains light in weight. These qualities make Vapor Shark DNA 250 long lasting.

Review of Vapor Shark DNA 250

Users count the light weight of the Vapor Shark DNA 250 as a big advantage. It is no doubt to consider to be a kind of revolution in the vaping industry. The said vaporizer is 25 percent more powerful than its previous counterparts. Moreover, the device is pocket friendly and is smart and easy to use which attributes to its popularity.

The only color available for the vaporizer is black. Evolv’s DNA250 chipset is used for powering the Vapor Shark DNA 250. This implies that one can get 250 W of power with the vaporizer. Moreover, the device offers a voltage output of 9.3V, 97% of operating efficiency, and 60.0 A of output current. Though the setting of temperature protection is set to 450 degrees Fahrenheit by default, it can be easily adjusted from 200 to 600 degrees Fahrenheit.

Moreover, it is easy to start with just a click of the fire button. To get it into the locked mode, one can fire the button about 5 times with less than 0.7 seconds between the presses.

The rubberized finish of the vaporizer makes it easy to hold it effortlessly even through the day. Even at higher wattages, the device does not become very hot. Moreover, the vaporizer can be termed as an excellent choice for long term vaping investment option.

The Vapor Shark DNA 250 is thus a value for money vaporizer which is a long lasting product.



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