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Vape online forums provide vapers a location to go where practically all your concerns can be responded to, and all your know-how can be showcased. Simply make certain you understand which online forum is best for you.

Unlike so numerous communities from the early days, numerous of the initial vape online forums are not just still alive however growing, thanks to smart conversation subjects, well-moderated threads, and a tight-knit sense of community unusual to other locations.

Online forums might not be as instant as social media, and can be a bit frustrating for beginners, they are properly maintained and do a terrific task assisting brand-new users discover the ideal info, regardless of how they desire to vape.

There are numerous online vaping resources (like this one, for example) to assist beginners wade through mounds of suggestions, techniques and details, and get the assistance they require to get begun. When we harken back to the excellent ol’ days of 2009 or so, educated sites weren’t that typical, and individuals had to resort to word-of-mouth to get by.

Let’s take a look at a few of the notables …

Vaping Underground

Making use of a MUCH less-stringent method than ECF, Vaping Underground (mostly) enables its members to govern themselves. This (still growing) community is ripe with friendly, relaxed members who actually enjoy vaping of all ranges, and are excited to bring brand-new individuals on board regardless of experience level.

When it comes to vaping online forums, if ECF is an alpha, think about Vaping Underground a happy, unapologetic omega.

The absence of stringent small amounts suggests users can discover more than one thread about the very same subject, item or viewpoint– something lots of members discover to be a favorable, rather than an unfavorable, as they can generally get a broader range of viewpoints to absorb.

A couple of products of note about Vaping Underground
The absence of small amounts does not simply use to friendly, valuable individuals. If you ask something that others consider to be “less than smart,” the assailants will let you understand about it.

Vaping Underground is a significantly more inviting, intimate community of similar vapers. The loose method lets newbies ask concerns without worry of scolding from self-important mediators. And VF’s active community makes brand-new members feel more included from the start, instead of fretting their queries will be lost amidst a sea of comparable threads.

eCig Forum

Reality be informed, lots of discover the short-fused shtick to be more than a little silly. ECF’s integrated search engine is an excellent one, and will normally prosper in providing the right links for your questions.

It’s all-too-easy to obtain lost in the cross-links and threads, however the details and viewpoints exist ten-fold. And extremely experienced administrators and mediators guarantee there aren’t a variety of repeat threads or dead threads.

While the brand-new vapers location is vital for getting individuals off on the best foot, the genuine meat of the website originates from the amazing range of vaping-related conversations. Whatever from choices and items to laws and legislation are discussed on a really high level, with little of the sophomoric flame-throwing that is all-too-prevalent on social networks.

And, simply to make sure beginners do not be available in to create chaos and bail, a minimum of 10 posts is needed prior to brand-new registrants can publish beyond the “New Members” area. You have to crawl prior to you walking.

ECF is incredibly beginner-friendly, and does an excellent task assisting visitors and brand-new members browse its undoubtedly unwieldy waters. There is a plainly specified “brand-new vapers” area, with a gold mine of brand-new vaper suggestions, item meanings, tutorials, e-liquid/nicotine contrasts, and useful dos and do n’ts.

Around since 2007, E-Cigarette Online Forum (ECF) is by far the most significant name in vaping community. Establish in the standard database online forum design, ECF now has more than 250,000 members– a little portion of whom are routinely active every day.

That stated, a handful of members and personnel can be a little– will we state– assertive. While those acquainted with the website from everyday check outs will understand where to discover details in the substantial archives, some members of the community presume brand-new visitors have actually checked out each of them.

In turn, there are remarkably deep evaluations and viewpoints to be had for any shop or item you can envision, varying from filling station cig-a-likes to five-battery mods. It’s exceptionally extensive, with an extremely strong┬ácommunity of regulars all set to chime in and aid.

Planet of the Vapes (UK)

The main site is a strong collection of evaluations, guides and so forth, showed in an appealing magazine-style design. The online forum is a good extension of this visual method, with plainly laid-out areas for brand-new members, basic vapor cigarette conversation subjects, and extremely particular subjects. It’s not almost as frustrating as ECF, nor is it as free-form as Vaping Underground, however POTV provides a comprehensive, succinct cross-section of the subjects most resonant with its community.

Not to be puzzled with the marijuana vaporizer seller in the United States, World of the Vapes (POTV) is a UK-based vaping site, with a buddy online forum that has actually become among the most relied on resources for knowledgeable and brand-new vapers alike.

It is both soothing (for veterans) and daunting (for beginners), however results in a regularly high level of conversation throughout the website.

The UK-heavy suppliers area is a good resource for vapers who might be tired of seeing the very same sellers on their own coasts, opening up a brand-new world of worldwide vape mail chances.

Though the website is certainly UK-focused, it is more than inviting to vapers from any coasts, and all ability levels. The regulars aren’t almost as acerbic as Underground’s notables, however the British funny bone discovers usually, so be gotten ready for a little bite with your actions.

Of the basic online forums we examined, this one had the most open/unresolved threads– even on some relatively current subjects. If the community simply deserted the subject and moved along, it was as. Which is great for regulars, however irritating for individuals who got here by means of Google, just to be entrusted a dead end.

More noteworthy is how POTV’s smart community may discover as a little “too wise” from time to time. That’s not an unfavorable reflection of the members, however rather the indication of an online forum that may be much better matched for knowledgeable vapers– though they are really inviting. There’s a well-crafted beginners area on the online forum homepage, however the majority of the discussions I followed rapidly ended up being exchanges that would overwhelm somebody simply going into the vaping world.

I expect all online forums face this issue, as it is the nature of the medium. On ECF and Vaping Underground, they weren’t almost as widespread, even though they are bigger total communities.

ECF may have large depth, and Vaping Underground may be the most loosely kept an eye on community. For a healthy collection of viewpoints, evaluations and subjects, POTV is worthwhile of examination. That stated, of these “huge 3,” POTV is likewise the most restricted.


This relative social beginner is an oddball entry for this piece, however warrants discuss since of how carefully its format looks like online forums from the past. For those unknown, Reddit uses an easy, tiered thread design that permits you to follow a discussion (Subreddit), and subsequent side conversations– in one page view. In addition, appropriate side subjects worthwhile of their own different chat can end up being extra Subreddits, which have their own threads, however stay related to the moms and dad subject.

Reddit is presently among the most popular methods to talk about vaping today. With the main Smokeless cigarette Subreddit surpassing 150,000 customers and many everyday visitors, it is an active, engaged community of vapers of all experience levels. It’s likewise a self-moderated one, with numerous Redditors policing their communities to guarantee there’s little repeating or redundancy.

Another significant emphasize is the large abundance of Subreddits readily available– the majority of which are REALLY active. There’s a group committed to discussing it if there’s a vaping specific niche. A few of the most widespread consist of:

We do not understand how the Reddit community does it, however in some way they appear to get all the excellent details, even about news and politics, prior to everybody else. It likely does not exist if it isn’t really on Reddit! Reddit is a location to go to get the most recent information about nearly anything ecig-related.

On more fancy conversations, such as evaluations of e-liquid merchants, the quantity of side chatter can rapidly end up being disruptive. For numerous, Reddit is currently a bit challenging, however it’s like anything else: you require to check out up on the TOS prior to diving in, and in basic, pay close attention to how individuals interact.

Online forums might be a dinosaur in a world on real-time interaction, however they likewise provide a simple method for vapers to discover a wealth of details in one area. Many of the world’s online forum communities are decreasing, vaping online forums are growing along with this blossoming market.


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