So…After a Long Debate, What Do Doctors Think about Vaping?

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There has been a new survey from a lot of US physicians and they have shown that a lot of people think that vaping can help smokers to quit. In fact, over 70% of American doctors believe that vaping can actually help patients to quit smoking altogether, but in a shocking turn of events, it turns out that only 38% of them have recommended e-cigarettes to their patients who smoke. So why aren’t doctor’s recommending vaping? Maybe it is because there is so much debate out there as to whether vaping is safe, but surely if doctors agree with it, then there isn’t a problem at all?

Of course, acceptance by the public is crucial and once vaping pens do get this then there will be a much higher chance of them actually being used. Doctors come to understand something that a lot of people don’t and they know that anything is better than smoking. As a result, they have shown that they are willing to go for vape pens as they do help to reduce the amount of damage that has been done. They have also shown that they are unlikely to be swayed by those who do not believe in vaping so this is another great sign that things are actually going to progress.

All vapers need to do is show their physicians that they are aware that vaping is better than smoking and they need to urge doctors to take that next step into recommending them to their patients. With so many possibilities available, who knows what is going to come next and who knows what effects this will have if doctors do go on to prescribe vape pens to those who smoke. Chances are we will see a sudden reduction in those who smoke, and that can only be a good thing.

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