Revelator Has Raised $2.5M To Build A Platform For Music


Bruno Guez, in the past, has spent a lot of his time in the music business. He has hosted a show on a public radio and he has even gone on to form his own music group as well. This is otherwise known as Quango Music Group and he has even worked as a creative director at Cirque de Soleil. Over that time, he has seen the music industry change and he has even gone on to outplace the tools that are available to plenty of artists and labels as well. He is working to fix the problem that a lot of people fix with distribution and even the selling of music online. They have announced that they have raised over $2.5 million and this is going to go a long way when it comes to online music.

The company have said that their customers can upload their music to their own system and they can also use their own songs on the digital store as well. They can also do this through services through Spotify and even Apple Music. It also has tools that can be used for marketing and analytics as well. On top of this, Revelator have also gone as far to make a partnership with the Wix site and this helps customers to start up their own music site as well as making sure that they have the chance to sell their music online as well so this is a great time for music in general.

So as you can see, the music industry really is getting a big boost at the minute and you would be surprised at how much this movement alone is going to benefit the people who put so much time and effort into making other people’s lives more enjoyable through music.

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