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@theASAPbravo: How long have you been vaping? And how did you get into vaping?

@bonestheskata: I have been vaping around three years but smoke free for 16 months now I started with a Jenson pen vape from the local newsagents as after becoming a parent I really wanted to quit smoking, the pen vape helped me cut down a lot but it wasn’t until I got my first sub ohm setup 2 years ago that I managed to stop completely. That was an eleaf tc stick 60w with a melo 2 tank. After using that without smoking for a year I was finding it wasn’t really enough so I got a smok alien 220w and a tfv8 tank. This set up was much better as more powerful and had a much more open airflow.

@theASAPbravo: What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture (or become a strong enthusiast) in the vape industry? How did the idea for your business come about?

@bonestheskata: What got me into building coils was researching the alien mod on youtube and seeing tutorials on making alien coils. They looked really cool and I liked the idea of making my own rather than having to keep buying smoks coil heads so I got a rebuildable head for my tank and started trying to make fused claptons a few weeks later I made my first stick of alien wire. I dont really make coils as a business but have sold a few sets to people who have DM’d me on insta. I have given more away than ever sold. I didn’t start on Instagram to be influential or for business purposes but mainly after a friend started showing me the coil porn page on there I made an account so I could see more coils for inspiration and figured I would post my coils as a sort of reference log. My account has just grown from there I think a lot of my accounts success is down to being really supportive of other people and they generally return the support. The sense of community amongst coil builders especially but also vapers in general is very strong. I think a lot of this stems from governments trying to regulate vaping for the sake of big tobacco and big pharma, but these regulatory attacks on vaping spawn numerous advocacy groups and this all helps to bring the vaping community together as a force to fight for saving something that has saved us from smoking enslavement and early demise.

@theASAPbravo: What three pieces of advice would you give to anyone who wants to become entrepreneurs/influencers?

@bonestheskata: As my coil building has progressed, I have really pushed myself to get better at what im doing i think whatever you want to do in life can be achieved through preparation practice patience and perseverence. I have spent many nights up way past bedtime and gone into work at my day job after just a few hours sleep.

@theASAPbravo: If you had the chance to start your career in the vape industry over again, what would you do differently?

@bonestheskata: If i could change anything about my vaping and coilbuilding journey it would be to have started using rebuildables earlier a little for financial reasons but mainly as the vape is far superior even from a basic fused clapton.

@theASAPbravo: Describe/outline your typical day?

@bonestheskata: I work on a pier and maintain a dozen amusement rides along with various other maintenance tasks i have done so for 18 years and am quite happy in my work once i finish i go home make sure my two sons are fed and washed and get them to bed and once they are asleep most nights i get my wire out and start building coils.

@theASAPbravo: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

@bonestheskata: My biggest fear is something bad happening to my sons as im sure is true of nearly all parents.

@theASAPbravo: What makes you happy?

@bonestheskata: I find the most happiness in seeing my sons happy, but I am always very happy to make a coil I haven’t managed before.

@theASAPbravo: What sacrifices have you had to make to be a successful entrepreneur?

@bonesthaskata: To me it is more a hobby than a business and a good way to unwind before becoming a parent i would spend most evenings skateboarding but it hurts a lot more falling off as you get older and i needed a hobby i could do at home as i had the children there so making coils seemed ideal. I still skate occasionally but only for a little while as i take my sons and they try but get bored quickly.

@theASAPbravo: Excluding yours, what company or influencer do you admire the most?

@bonestheskata: In terms of influential people in the vape industry i am  a huge fan of grimm green and find his vlogs very entertaining and i just think he is a really cool character. Also nick devine on you tube, he does coil build tutorials live and i really respect him for putting the time in to do this on top of a day job and family life he takes the time to show how he does his coils. Also being a live stream the chat stream on his tutorials has become a really strong community of coil makers and vapers. Also have to mention twisted messes squidoode and mind forge as I have watched their tutorials many times trying to learn new techniques.

@theASAPbravo: What is your favorite (I know that’s a tough one so if you can’t decide) What is your current setup?

@bonestheskata: In terms of a favourite set up its tough as i have around twenty and can use around ten different ones in any one day. I like having lots so i always have something to build on I can narrow down a top 3 and get a pic as I tend to use certain setups at home and others when out my faces at home are the moyuan joker with a druga on and an admiral with a dead rabbit when I go out I mainly take these plus a Smok xcube ultra with a smok skyhook rdta on top as when im driving it has enough juice in that i dont need to drip constantly.

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