Philip Morris IQOS: Big Tobacco’s alternative to cigarettes (paying out users?)

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Philip Morris IQOS is a non-burn tobacco product which has sought about safety in the lives of smokers. It has been reported that Philip Morris International is paying its users to convert smokers. This attempt to a game changer focuses on decreasing the risks of potential diseases and reduces the harmful effects of nicotine that affect the body of the user directly.


Learn about its features, specifications and every other detail from the section below.


  • Temperature and control


The Philip Morris IQOS has tiny parts which control the temperature of the device. It does not heat up easily but makes sure that the tobacco does not burn. Cigarettes burn at around 600 degree Celsius but Philip Morris IQOS can burn at 350 degree Celsius. It offers a smooth “smokeless” smoking experience


  • Design and characteristics


Philip Morris IQOS has resulted from extensive research and years of studies. A long term experimentation and research has resulted in the development of this vaping device.


When you use this device, the smoke of the cigarette gets converted into vapor, which can be utilized for cloud production.


  • Performance


Smoking exposes the user to harmful chemicals and a Philip Morris IQOS can potentially decrease the bad effect. An attempted game changer in the field of vaporizers, Philip Morris IQOS.


Being an advanced design, the Philip Morris IQOS offers a high performance and impressive consistency. This is a low risk option that can be used to keep away from cigarettes. It works great as a device which reduces the risk of tobacco related diseases.


  • How does it work with normal cigarettes?


If you put a regular old cigarette in this device, it will not work. The tobacco used for IQOS must be fermented with Propylene glycol. This is the chemical that is responsible for keeping the tobacco from burning and keeps the heat to a minimum.


  • What does the Philip Morris IQOS kit contain?


The Philip Morris IQOS kit contains the IQOS unit, a cleaning capsule, an adapter, a charging cable and a charging dock. It also entails many tobacco headsticks.


The Philip Morris IQOS has brought about the attempted revolutionary change in the world of cigarettes. By providing this lower-risk alternative to regular cigarettes, this product aims to reduce the risks of tobacco related diseases. Adult tobacco consumers can take more informed decisions about quitting smoking with the help of this device.

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