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Untitled Unmastered – Inspired by a Master

Kendrick Lamar’s ‘Untitled Unmastered’, which debuted on Friday, March 4, is bouncing headphones hard across the world. The surprise album – a more and more common trend that Kendrick has championed – is full of unreleased songs the artist has been performing on TV appearances and late night talk shows. But the inspiration for the release has come, in part, from none other than Lebron James.

A few weeks back, Lebron sent a tweet begging for Kendrick Lamar’s unreleased tracks to see the light of day. TDE CEO Anthony Tiffith, the man overseeing many of Kendrick’s musical endeavors, saw the tweet and wrote back, “give me a few days 2 think.” Sure enough, and eight-track album cropped up on Thursday, two days later. Producers involved are citing Lebron’s tweet as the watershed moment that ushered this new Kendrick album into existence.

“When you get somebody like Lebron asking for them, it’s like, alright, maybe it is bigger than we think it is,” TDE producer Sounwave says. “That’s when top got on the phone asking me and K. Dot to pick our favorite records. It just so happened that the songs we picked sounded like an album.”

Now, before we all start tweeting at Lebron to push on other artists that we love to put out new records, we might have to take things one artist at a time. After the release of ‘Untitled Unmastered‘, Lebron was seen enjoying the album on Instagram, later discussing how the album is pressing him to give the playoffs his all this year.

There’s no doubt that Kendrick is a competitive artist, and a dominant force in the music industry. If his music can help Lebron stay a dominant force on the court for the playoffs, the world at large may have an interest in making sure these to get more exposure going forward.

When it comes to the album’s release, Lebron feels truly, “blessed”. Commenting on the album, he says, “Shout-out Kendrick, top dog, everybody over there at TDE, you know, making that great music, I appreciate it, man. Everything is love.” We feel the same, and whether you love Cleveland or not, we’re more excited for the playoffs than ever – and happy to hear the NBA has a new set of anthems.



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