Lil Wayne Doesn’t Have a Clue Who 21 Savage, Kodak Black and…

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Lil Wayne is known for being pretty out there when it comes to his music but nobody really knows that much about him. It appears that he doesn’t know much about anyone else as well, and that is pretty evident when you hear about his encounter with the New York Times. He was asked what he thought about the new generation of young rappers who are coming onto the market, and that includes Kodak Black, 21 Savage and even Lil Yachty. He replied that he didn’t have any idea that they were mentioning people’s names and that he pretty much has no idea who they are. He also stated that he is just doing his own thing and that just sums him up.

As his fans will know, he only listens to his own music so it comes of no surprise that he has no idea who these people are.  On top of this, a couple of the rappers actually do go on to wear some of Lil Wayne’s influencing music on their sleeve but he just has no idea how they are taking influence from him or who they are in general.

This is quite possibly the funniest thing that we have heard in a long time and this interview would have probably been awkward to say the least, but now we know that Kodak Black has probably heard about this and we doubt that the two will be having chit chat over a good coffee any time soon.

As for Lil Wayne, he probably won’t learn from this and give their music a go, but even so, it is a funny situation and he probably felt a little embarrassed at the time of this interview, to say that half of those people actually follow him.

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