You got till June 19th to get your FDA flavor comments in…Your help is needed!

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To this day, just 15,201 public remarks have actually been gotten.

There may be some confusion in between remarks gotten to the Dr. Farsalinos study and the FDA Taste ANPRM. Over 69,000 people talked about that important study, however the FDA ANPRM requires a great deal more public remarks than where it presently stands.

In about 2 weeks, the FDA’s official public remark register on flavors closes. Time is of the essence for vapers to make their voices heard by sending an official remark concerning the Guideline of Flavors in Tobacco Products.

Click here to be taken to the Federal Register and click on Send an Official Remark if your remark does not appear.

If your remark has actually been published, click here to be taken to to confirm. Your remark has actually been published if it’s there.


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