FDA Seeking Ability to Seize Product

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Buried in a statement from FDA Director Dr. Scott Gottlieb was an interesting nugget regarding the enforcement plans.

The FDA can already seize the products that have been warned regarding their branding/marketing, based on the letters released last week. This would give an inspector visiting a store or manufacturing facility a framework for declaring a product as being in violation instantly.

“These steps will allow us to more effectively block the distribution and use of products that are ultimately found to be violative, including products that are misbranded because their labeling or advertising causes them to resemble kid-friendly foods,”

Gottlieb said Wednesday as art of the agency’s Spring Agenda for upcoming regulatory plans.

Gottlieb said the agency will be establishing rules for the “administrative detention of tobacco products” encountered during an inspection. If an employer or officer of the FDA enters a store and sees a product they believe as being “misbranded or adulterated,” such a rule would provide permission to seize it right then and there.

The move would put store owners and distributors at the same risk of manufacturers in relation to the sale of such products creating both product and financial loss.


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