Cole-Bishop scratched from the 2018 Omnibus?

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Reports from Twitter indicate that the Cole-Bishop rider has been removed from the 2018 budget omnibus.


We are disappointed that the Amendment was not included in the FY 2018 omnibus appropriations bill.

We will continue to push both Congress and @SGottliebFDA to enact reasonable reforms to ensure that adult smokers are not denied access to harm reduction products.

It isn’t just vaping advocacy groups feeling the disappointment. Businesses and consumers also have plenty to say about Cole-Bishop’s removal from the Omnibus:


Here’s a copy of a letter a number of center-right organizations sent to GOP leadership urging the inclusion of Cole-Bishop in the omni. 

This is the 3rd year in a row where an attempt to achieve regulatory relief from an Obama-era rule designed to destroy the vapor industry was unsuccessful. In that time, Congressional support has grown from a few Republicans to a bipartisan coalition of House and Senate members.

As the scientific consensus on vaping as tobacco harm reduction and smoking cessation continuously build and solidify, legislation like that of Cole-Bishop and lawsuits like the one filed by Larry W. Faircloth will be increasingly difficult to defeat. Challenges also continue to mount:

As sources reported, the FDA’s ANPRM on flavors in tobacco and vapor products presents a serious challenge which can not be ignored. The fight goes on:

Stay active, and stay strong. Cloudy Society will provide updates as they appear.


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