Clout Ki

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Want to have a wonderful vaping experience? Try Clout KI ! You will love it !!

This is very innovative and compact. It features a folding mechanism that is very convenient and a discreet design. You have an attached cartridge that can fold /unfold into /from the device. It has a standard 510 threaded connection and a key ring loop. The USB charger that is built -in gives it the ultimate portability. Take Clout Ki with you, wherever you go !

The battery looks like a keychain and is the best travelling vape. Be it concerts, festivals, vacation or road trips, this is the ideal vape for you. Its folding feature makes it very easy to carry . It can fit in anywhere very easily.

Clout Ki is also compatible with other cartridges that are 510 threaded.

Step into a new world of vaping with the Clout KI and experience incredible vaping!

*photo from @cloutproducts instagram page

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