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New Regulations See Pharma and Tobacco Rise

There is certainly a lot of heat on the debate of vaping at this moment in time and there are a lot of industry experts who have questioned the loyalties of those who are against vaping. They do have a good reason for this however, and the main reason for this is because through their efforts, the tobacco and pharma companies are winning. Take Professor Berman, for example.

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FDA is Trying to Kill Vapor Products – But We Can Stop It

There’s a petition you should sign if you want to fight for your right to enjoy e-cigarettes – and preserve the integrity of our nation’s health.

As we discussed before, the evil FDA and their anti-vapor product political agenda is trying to tear down everything in its path. You want to know why? The truth is, the FDA is scared. People love vaping, and the joy it brings in their lives without the thousands of harmful carcinogens that are packed deep into every fiber of cigarettes, cigars, and other, dirtier methods of smoking. Those might as well be called, “bullets”, because if you’re trying to get a quick buzz off something that harmful, it might as well be a bullet.

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FDA – Manufacturing the Truth at USC

We are all for good science. The truth is, good science is what has created e-cigs and shown the world just how safe smoking ALTERNATIVES can be. For that, were grateful. But just like politics, our food, our natural resources, or fuels, and any other industry, special-interest and corporate interest likes to muck things up.

We’re talking about none other than the FDA. Today, they’re after teen smoking rates, and they’re using the University of Southern California to shield their malicious intent.

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The FDA is Owned by Big Tobacco – And it’s Official

It seems like the FDA is intent of just throwing party, after party, after party for big tobacco. Worst of all, the FDA seems to want to do this regardless of the negative health effects their actions are going to spread across the national public. Are you worried yet? Of course, we are all about actions over impotent worrying, but it’s definitely appropriate to raise a brow here.

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E-Cigs: Not the Bad Guys They Were Made Out to Be

Anything related to smoking has been branded in the most negative light on purpose. Generally speaking, we agree—smoking cigarettes is terrible for your health, and the more we can do to deter people of all ages from smoking is great.

However, it’s when the anti-smoking train runs away with itself that we start to raise our hands…

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