Cannabis Can Help To Treat Some Symptoms of Bipolar

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When you inhale cannabis, you’ll find that it can help you to treat the various symptoms of bipolar disorder and it can do this without any negative effects as well. Marijuana is one of the most widely used yet illicit substances out there but there are some conflicting notes that suggest whether or not it would be able to treat those who are suffering from the condition. For this reason, the new study is aimed to determine the impact of marijuana on the current state of mind, and whether or not it could have an additional negative impact or not.

When the new study took place, 12 people who suffered from bipolar disorder smoked cannabis. 18 people who did not smoke cannabis also took part in it, with 23 people without the MJ taking part as well. On top of this, 21 HC healthy controls took part as well and they all went under assessment. They all rated their mood 3 times a day over a month and the results showed that those who do have bipolar, saw a substantial level of relief in their symptoms. Their symptoms may have ranged from anxiety to mania and even anger, with the conclusion that marijuana may result in partial relief and on top of this, it won’t do it to the level where you would normally experience any cognitive impairment so this is great if you want to function as normal while still getting some relief for your symptoms.

Of course, there may be some time before we see that cannabis is a valid treatment for bipolar and only time will tell if it is ever going to be used as a medically prescribed option but this study is a breakthrough to say the least.

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