Canada Bill S-5 Includes what?!

canada bill s-5, canada vape flavor ban, canada flavor ban, bill s-5 reports that Bill S-5, a bill targeting tobacco and vapor items, has actually passed in Canada’s Parliament and has actually gotten royal assent. To name a few things, Bill S-5 consists of a flavor restriction impacting vapor items.

A few of the regulative requirements of the bill are sensible, such as forbiding the sale of vapor items to minors and a requirement for e-liquids to be offered in child-resistant product packaging. More troublingly, nevertheless, Bill S-5 likewise consists of a restriction on tastes such as desserts, drinks, and fruit tastes. Health Canada’s release concerning Bill S-5 checks out, in part:

The Bill prohibits the promotion of vaping products that are appealing to youth, such as products with appealing flavours like dessert or confectionery flavours. It also restricts the promotion of vaping products, including a ban on all lifestyle advertising. Other forms of promotion, such as sponsorships and celebrity endorsements, are also restricted.

Flavor restrictions, obviously, are an overstep which hurts adult vapers attempting to prevent regression into fatal smoking, in addition to more broadly being an attack on customer option.

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