Bo Vape

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Light-weight and ergonomically created, the Bo Vaping Starter Kit includes a smooth ceramic covering and weighs simply 22g. It takes its own top quality non reusable caps, which are much like routine pod mod liquid pods and each cap holds 1.5 ml of e-liquid.

Fans of the pod mod system of vaping will not be dissatisfied with what this Bo e cigarette needs to provide and it quickly equals PHIX and Juul in the growing pod mod sector.

Integrating all you require to start your pod mod vaping journey, the Bo One vape package by Bo Vaping is an ingenious and tech-forward style for veteran vapers and newbies alike. Explained by lots of as the next generation of e cigarette style, the Bo pod vaping kit works similar to the Juul pod system, with non reusable liquid pods positioned inside the vaporizer to permit a rewarding experience.

The Bo One vape starter kit likewise includes a special magnetic battery charger, which quickly guarantees you can keep your brand-new vaporizer topped up and all set to vape throughout the day. It has an effective 380mAh battery which is extremely effective and when completely charged, ought to last the typical vaper the entire day.

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