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@mw.photography_cvl: Hey there everyone. I am happy to be here having an interview about my vape life/journey.

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@theASAPbravo: Word! Thank you for taking the time to do this, so when did you start vaping?

@mw.photography_cvl: I started vaping back on March 20th 2014, that was the day I said I had enough.

@theASAPbravo: How long have you been vaping?

@mw.photography_cvl: I personally now have been vaping ever since the first day I started up, so if my math is correct I have been SMOKE FREE now for 3 years and a couple of months…. Holy crap i didn’t realize its been that long.

@theASAPbravo: What ignited the spark in you to start a new business venture (or become a strong enthusiast) in the vape industry? How did the idea for your business come about?

@mw.photography_cvl: What started my spark to become a huge vape enthusiast was honestly a friends mom of mine back three years ago. She was the one whom introduced me to the industry and BOOM went from there. I landed myself a spot at a local vape shop called BULLFROG VAPE in Ontario Canada. I quickly became Regional Manager of the two locations, this… this is what really got my spark going. Now the idea of my personal Product Promotion Page on Instagram came from a little voice in my head, why not start doing what you you love to do and combine them both. So I took my love for the Vaping & Photography and made it all one page MW.Photography_CVL ( please give me a follow if you wish ) I have three Canadian companies I promote right now and would love to have that grow. Vapor Junkie from Nova Scotia, Amped Vape Supply from the GTA area and Sovereign Juice Co. from Vancouver BC. Now remember I do this all on my spare time when I am not being the RM of two locations, I love my job.

@theASAPbravo: What three pieces of advice would you give to anyone who wants to become entrepreneurs/influencers?

@mw.photography_cvl: The three pieces of advice I would give to anyone wanting to be an entrepreneur/influencer in the vaping industry is

  1. Make sure you have a solid foundation for your idea & a solid target market for your product or idea
  2. Don’t get into the vape industry to make money it is a coat throat kind of market, as its growing so fast around the world.
  3. Lastly stand behind your product or idea, market it to the right people and keep on pushing & be flexible

@theASAPbravo: If you had the chance to start your career in the vape industry over again, what would you do differently?

@mw.photography_cvl: Would I do anything differently if I wanted to start over again. The only thing I would do differently truthfully, I should have jump on the product promotion through social media faster and sooner. I hate that I am a later bloomer in the industry.

@theASAPbravo: What would you say are the top three skills needed to be a successful entrepreneur/influencer?

@mw.photography_cvl: The top three skills I believe are best for this industry would be 1. Be Flexible ( the vape game chances so fast ) 2. Be open minded to new ideas on concepts 3. Be yourself and stand behind what you do or market to the industry.

@theASAPbravo: What have been some of your failures, and what have you learned from them?

@mw.photography_cvl: Again my biggest failure I would have to say is not getting into the promoting side of the industry sooner, I have learned not to second guess yourself as much, you have an idea and stand behind it then push forwards and do it. I know I can’t say I have had many failures yet but I know i will have more coming and Im not afford of that.

@theASAPbravo: How long do you stick with an idea before giving up?

@mw.photography_cvl: I usually stick to an idea of mine for a couple months ( 2 usually and maybe 3 the odd time ), I personally don’t like giving up on ideas I have with out for sure knowing it won’t be a successful one.

@theASAPbravo: How many hours do you work a day on average?

@mw.photography_cvl: I always work 8-9 hours a day at my shop, Bullfrog Vape 

@theASAPbravo: Describe/outline your typical day?

@mw.photography_cvl: A typical day for me starts of by waking up doing the usual SSS if you know the three S saying. After that I walk my dog on a nice 20 minute walk, wakes me up getting some fresh morning air. Then I get him all settled up with breakfast and Im out the door to the shop. Once I arrive at the store I get the morning cleaning and opening routine all done, sit down with usually a decaf double double from Tims ( Canadian Coffee Shop ) have a couple morning vapes and by the time I’m all settled in the first round of customers comes through the door. Im helping out customers through out the day, checking out emails, running the shop Instagram ( making sure products are updated ) and also my own Instagram page. Got to make sure I’m on top of my status. I have a routine at posting at certain time of the day, I like to call them High Traffic Times for likes on Instagram. So I’m at the shop 11am to 8pm, when 8pm hits I tackle my closing duties, turn off the lights and see the shop goodbye till the next day and it starts up all over again.

@theASAPbravo: What motivates you?

@mw.photography_cvl: Honestly my motivation is my Girlfriend Nicole, she always stood by my side in this industry and what I do for it and myself. I work the shop ours I do, I try to be the best promoter I can be so in the future her and I can have a great life. She is my true motivation. But enough with the sappiness I stay motivated day by day because I truly believe in vaping and the what the industry stands for & just simple love what I do.

@theASAPbravo: How do you generate new ideas?

@mw.photography_cvl: How I generate ideas is see what is trending in the photography or vape world and see how I can put my own spin on things with my own touch. Sometimes the ideas just come to me…everyone knows that feeling & boom you go with it.

@theASAPbravo: How far are you willing to go to succeed?

@mw.photography_cvl: Im willing to go pretty far to succeed. I can’t really put it in word but I do whatever I need to, to make sure my plans or ideas come through. With my photography shots I am willing to put myself it the oddest of spots to get that shot, that one killer shot.

@theASAPbravo: What is your greatest fear, and how do you manage fear?

@mw.photography_cvl: My greatest fear for the industry is, I personally can’t say I know how long vaping will be around for, if its here to stay or is it just a fad that will die out over time just like Fidget Spinners. Honestly I don’t know how to manage this fear because its a fear for the future and not a daily fight. But I truly hope the day never comes, would be much easier to deal with.

@theASAPbravo: How do you define success?

@mw.photography_cvl: I define SUCCESS as, doing what you like to do and making money doing it. At the same time better your life in the way you want too, I feel thats SUCCESS.

@theASAPbravo: How do you build a successful audience/customer base?

@mw.photography_cvl: Building a good audience is not an easy thing to do. Make sure your marketing to the right audience/customer base. For example at work I keep up promotions ( free gifts for customers ) I have a super friendly staff that keeps the customers coming back. Having a wide selection of vaping products and juices helps a bunch too. A big reason too why I feel my shop does so well is we listen to what the customers what and take it in with open minds. Now as for my personal Instagram account I just make sure I keep up the quality of images the same. I make sure if I’m editing one way or editing another, I stay with that style for a bit so my audience ( followers ) understand what I am going for.

@theASAPbravo: Do you believe there is some sort of pattern or formula to becoming a successful entrepreneur/influencer?

@mw.photography_cvl: I personally don’t believe in a formula to getting successful. You just gotta go for it. I do believe there are tips and tricks for a helping hand but not an actually formula you should follow to be a successful person.

@theASAPbravo: Who has been your greatest inspiration?

@mw.photography_cvl: I can’t answer that because I don’t think I have one certain inspiration, sorry

@theASAPbravo: What is your favorite aspect of being an entrepreneur/influencer?

@mw.photography_cvl: My favourite aspect of being an influencer in this industry is being able to use my vaping skills and knowledge & pass that off to someone else or a brand new noobie to the vape world. I also love being able to practice my photography in this industry too, vape images are a big part of the world I work in.

@theASAPbravo: To what do you most attribute your success? What would say are the five key elements for starting and running a successful business/influencer account?

@mw.photography_cvl: You know what thats another question I can’t truly answer because I don’t think I still have all the keys and tips to becoming a successful influencer, I consider myself on the low low end of influencers. Now I’m sure if you asked someone like GrimmGreen or Rip Trippers they could give you a solid answer for being a huge influencer in the industry. But one thing I can say is again being yourself and do what you want, stick with it & put lots of hard work in.

@theASAPbravo: What has been your most satisfying moment in the industry?

@mw.photography_cvl: To be honest this has been one of my most satisfying moments in my vape journey. I personally never thought I would be asked to be on a blog page or to be able to tell my story. But on a personal day to day I love having someone came back into the shop after a week or two and say Vaping has changed & saved their life. I love hear this it makes me feel like I have done my duties as an influencer and shop manager.


@theASAPbravo: What are your hobbies? What do you do in your non-hustle time?

@mw.photography_cvl: My hobbies outside the vape world are playing pond hockey durning the winter with the friends, Im into riding Fixed Gear biking, so that pretty much street riding and having no breaks on a single speed bicycle. Im also into building coils lol but that vape related. I love spending time with my girlfriend Nicole, she’s such and amazing person, I don’t know where I would be with out her. Lastly I love spending time with my dog, his my bestfriend. His name is Jasper and his a 5 year old shui-poo

@theASAPbravo: What makes you happy?

@mw.photography_cvl: Just doing what I want and love makes me happy. Simple as that sounds, Im a pretty easy going guy.


@theASAPbravo: What is your favorite (I know that’s a tough one so if you can’t decide) What is your current setup?

@mw.photography_cvl: My Favourite current set up would be my daily carry. My Double Cross – Battle Cap – 2 Post Silver Battle Deck – 4 Wrap 24g Aliens. Mech all created by Complyfe ! BEST AROUND !


*all photos courtesy of @mw.photography_cvl

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