The future has arrived. As society, state by state, finally catches up to us and the miracle that is medicinal marijuana, vaping empowers us to smoke without harming ourselves or the environment—and the entertainment and style that surrounds us continues to rocket high into the stratosphere, it’s time we celebrated what’s good at Cloudy Society.

We invite you to come to Cloudy Society for the latest and greatest news on movies, music, sports, fashion and social trends—as well as update to date blow by blows of the mission that is medical marijuana and vaping.

When it comes to what entertains us, we’re not out to over-glorify; we’re more relaxed than that. It’s all about getting a fresh perspective on whatever’s in the limelight. Seriously, some of the new entertainment technologies, like virtual and augmented reality are blowing us away right now. The future is going to be sick, and we can’t wait to be a part of it. Stay informed so when the next big deal drops, you know what it is and where to get it.

When it comes to medicinal and the world of vaping, emerging technologies are sciences are making smoking of all kinds safer and safer than ever before. We’ve all done our part to push the needle on legislative reform, and it’s about time we spent our time and effort on improving what can potentially save millions of lives.

So whenever you need a quick bit of news or something cool to think about, stop by Cloudy Society. We’re putting all the good stuff in one place.