This Gene May Somehow Predict The Way You’ll React To Marijuana

marijuana genes

A new study has been done and it could help to predict which cannabis users are at risk of developing psychosis. Of course, pot can affect people in a lot of different ways. For example, some smokers only develop a very small buzz and others may become paranoid and even hallucinate. Now however, a team of researchers in the UK have found a way to try and work out which cannabis users are more at risk of having a strong reaction to cannabis, whether it is medicinal, or recreational.

The study has found that there is a variation of the gene AKT1 and that this can be found in those who are in fact more susceptible. Previous studies do only show that between 1-5% of people do end up experiencing this, but with cannabis on the rise and with laws changing all the time, there has never been a more convenient time to try and find out what causes some of the more negative effects in a minority of people.

The study took over 442 users and tested them all for psychotic symptoms. They did this when they were high and when they were sober. Those who had the AKT1 gene were found to have a much stronger reaction when compared, and experienced things like visual distortions and even magical thinking. The study also found that women were more susceptible to memory impairment so this is another very interesting find.

Of course, marijuana has been used to help thousands of people in the US with everything from cancer to mental disorders and other related illnesses. This study could help those who do experience some negative effects to understand why, and if possible, counteract them so they can experience the full benefit.

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