The US Is Going To Study Marijuana as a Treatment for PTSD

ptsd and marijuana

This new clinical trial will be the first of its kind and it will look at how effective marijuana is at treating PTSD in veterans. This is quite possibly the first study that will look at how the plant will be utilised and the aim is to develop it so it can be legally prescribed for this reason. A non-profit group is supporting this movement and they are sponsoring the research as well. Dr. Suzanne Sisley will run half the trial from Arizona and they told plenty of reports that this is the go-ahead they need to really push things to that next level. A petition was released 6 years ago but since then nothing has happened until now.

This study is going to be triple blind and it is going to be placebo controlled as well so people can get the best results from it. It also means that those who are against marijuana won’t be able to poke holes as they see fit, making the whole thing much more reliable. Of course, 76 veterans will be tested in total and Sisley will work on treating half of the patients in Phoenix and Johns Hopkins university.

She knows more than anyone that if this is to go ahead, the standard will need to be set as being reputable and that any research done will need to be absolutely of the gold standard. She is working hard to make this happen and it is said to be a very positive force in the medical marijuana industry. Only time will tell whether or not she can make the push and make it all happen but if the results are a success and if it does help those who are suffering from PTSD then it’s certainly a move forward.

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