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Here’s the long and the short of it – if marijuana becomes a schedule 2 substance from a schedule 1 substance, doctors can prescribe it at will. That’s a major step forward, but we may be up against a major step back.


The DEA, the overlord Drug Enforcement Administration, is set to rule on whether or not to move the needle and make marijuana a schedule 2 substance as opposed to a schedule 1 substance. That decision is supposed to be made within the first half of 2016. Anyone with a watch will tell you that we’re coming right up on that half year mark.


Data and research has been suggesting the medical benefits of marijuana for years, but if marijuana is classified as a schedule 2 substance, then it will be up for a major boost in research, and the development and implementation marijuana has within the pharmaceutical market – as well as how freely doctors can prescribe it.


So, is there light at the end of the tunnel for people to finally start listening to what other experts have been saying all along?


Sort of.


The DEA is still unable to ‘comment’ on the decision. In addition to keeping ‘hush-hush’, laws on possession or growing marijuana cultivation probably won’t change at all under federal law. Tensions between states that have legalized marijuana in different capacities and the federal government are already feverish.


Needless to say, were looking at you, Obama. This is your moment for marijuana. Our president’s two terms has seen a Teutonic shift in the countries viewpoint, image, and stance on marijuana. Right now, he can make a major difference. It’s absolutely ridiculous to think that marijuana is still on the same schedule as heroin and LSD. That means that people caught with illegal possession or cultivation are going to be charged the same way as they would if they were caught holding heroin. That’s scary. And here we are debating marijuana, when we could easily be debating problems with our prison system – but that’s a different article for a different day.


The DEA has to step up and put their foot down on a rescheduling. That’s the first step. What we really want is a society is for marijuana to go to schedule 3 – meaning tax deductions for businesses and sellers would come into play.


But, for now, there is a new breed of drug war going on between state governments and the federal government. Someday, we will have a victor. In the interim, regardless of why you want or need marijuana, moved to a state that respects it, and join the conversation to help push the DEA to drop it down the schedule.


The DEA has denied three petitions to reschedule marijuana. They can’t hold out forever. You can only ignore the anti-cancer cell benefits for so long.

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