Colorado ‘Pot Law’ vs Oklahoma and Nebraska

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Colorado, US state and its marijuana law have become the burning issue of the day. According to its 64th amendment of the constitution, any individual 21 or older is legally allowed to possess 1 ounce or 28 grams of marijuana. So, if you’re 21 or older, then you can enjoy different edible forms of marijuana. The good news is that besides the local residents, it also allows the visitors to purchase marijuana, but the quantity is limited to ¼ ounce or 7 grams. This restriction prevents marijuana stock piling and its smuggling or export across borders.

This marijuana possession law is only for recreational use and it allows you to mix and match different marijuana edible forms such as flowers, concentrate or other edibles for example for visitors it can be a combination of 1 gram edibles, 1 gram concentrate and 5 gram flower seeds.

Oklahoma and Nebraska, neighboring states of Colorado had filed lawsuit against a Colorado pot law that suggests the recreational use of marijuana. This recreational weed in not legal in Oklahoma and Nebraska and the lawsuit said that Colorado pot law will allow the marijuana to enter into these states thereby, creating hurdles in their anti-drug efforts. The lawsuit suggested that marijuana being legal in Colorado allows its smuggling across borders, thus; there is a threat to the health and safety of its people. The lawsuit asked the Supreme Court to put an end to Colorado pot law and forbid marijuana’s sales across the borders.

This lawsuit was actually worthless or it has no solid grounds. This law was implemented by voters’ choice, so it should remain enforces even if their neighbors don’t like it.

The Supreme Court on21 march, 2016 rejected the lawsuit filed by Oklahoma and Nebraska and declared it unconstitutional. Obama administration supported Colorado and dismissed the lawsuit.

Colorado Attorney General John Suthers declared the lawsuit as “without merit” in his statement. He asserted that Oklahoma and Nebraska have complained about marijuana growth in Colorado, reaching into their states which he considers as an obvious action.

Colorado and Obama administration asked the Supreme Court to dismiss the case as the Colorado pot law only allows adults to have marijuana’s recreational use within restricted purchasing amount. It’s their legal right and it doesn’t cause any harm to their lives plus with the restriction in purchasing limit, it prevents its smuggling across borders so the lawsuit filed by the neighboring states was without grounds. Besides Colorado State, legalized marijuana is allowed in other states too, such as Alaska, Oregon, Washington, Columbia then why Colorado cannot allow its residents to have marijuana’s recreational use for adults. On this basis, the federal government also sided with Colorado and urged the Supreme Court to throw out this case.

Thus, the Supreme Court dismissed the case and protected the legal rights of Colorado residents. This justified decision pleased the native residents of Colorado and thus the voters decided law will remain enforce no matter if their neighboring states like it or not.


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