Yocan Evolve Plus: A detailed review of its specifications

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Yocan Evolve Plus and Evolve has been a big hit with its double quartz coils and high value. The model of Evolve Plus is appealing with wonderful features. It is user friendly, convenient to use, offers a massive vapor production and has a built-in extractor. Learn more details about its specifications, quality, look, ease of use and portability




  • The Yocan Evolve Plus uses ceramic donut coils. The speciality about this type of coil is that, it heats up instantly and creates flavorful clean vapors. It also prevents wax from leaking and imparts a pleasing look.


  • The coil cap that covers the quartz dual coil prevents the heat from reaching the mouthpiece. Also, it keeps the thick oil from leaking.


  • Its 1100 mah battery makes is highly powerful and long-lasting. While travelling, you can charge the device on the go, with the micro USB cable.


  • The quality of vapor

When it comes to e cigarettes, the ultimate feature boils down to its vapor quality. The Yocan Evolve Plus is equipped with double quartz coils that produces a good amount of vapor. However, this device does not have airflow adjustments. Hence, new users may find the vapor somewhat strong.


  • Aesthetics

Yocan Evolve Plus and Evolve models have been constructed out of high quality material. They are available in a wide range of colors like orange, red, blue, silver and black.


  • Ease of Use

The Yocan Evolve Plus has a user friendly configuration which makes its usage simple and easy. There are many settings such as temperature controls, that can be used to tailor the device according to needs. The silicone extract container at the bottom eases its functionality.


  • Portability


Yocan Evolve Plus has a classic design which is convenient to travel with. It fits comfortably in bags and pockets. The size of the plus model is more than the regular model. However, both the Evolve versions are portable. Moreover, it has a great battery life. This device makes travelling easy because the charge lasts for almost a day or more than that. Besides that, charging it only takes an hour or two at most.


The Yocan Evolve Plus is a great choice for new users of wax pens. It is light, easy to use and portable as well. The flavor is rich, dense and beginner friendly. The Plus model is more powerful and a tad bigger in size.

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