Yocan Cerum

Available in black, green and white colors, this is a ceramic wax atomizer. This features 2 Quartz Dual Coil elements for heating. You can also find other options such as ceramic Donut plate coil for wax and dry herb. Looking to experience that ultimate flavor at a friendly price? Go for Yocan Cerum! Taste the best!

The Quartz Dual coil if for wax concentrate and Ceramic donut coil is for wax and dry herb. The Quartz dual coil offers no burnt taste. The wattage suggested is 15 -25w while the resistance is 0.8 ohm. The atomizer tank and base is made from ceramic.

The top tank of this atomizer can be easily removed, just pull! And the threading is tangle -free, so you won’t get stuck. So it is easy to handle. The fine quality 510 threading makes it compatible with other batteries and vape mods. Replacement for coil heating elements are also available. In other words, coils are replaceable.

The Cerum is simple yet powerful and is an ideal choice to experience the luxury. The product is rather inexpensive and thus easily affordable.

Try the pure, wonderful and smooth essence with the Yocan Cerum!

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