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Vaporesso has done it once again. With a number of vapor kits being introduced in the market, Vaporesso’s way of ending the year in style is definitely making a mark with their super convenient and compact vapor kits the most recent one being a features packed one called the Tarot Nano Kit.

This amazing Tarot Nano 80W/TC is a smaller version of the super stylish and uniquely shaped Tarot Pro 160W/TC. This new version has been launched with some great modifications.  With a new center-mounted 510 connection, while retaining the same Omni Board, which is a Vaporesso-made chipset, works perfectly just with half the power and a slightly higher resistance load. This amazing vaping device comes with an upgradable firmware via the side USB port with an internal battery of 2600 mAh, a max wattage of 80 watts with a minimum resistance load of 0.15-ohms, what more could you ask for.

The Tarot Nano is an amazing vaping device that has been enabled to support temperatures from 280F-600F (100C-315C) by using the pre-settings for SS, Ni, or Ti. The feature includes TCR with two programmable memory settings. Well that’s notall folks! The Omni Board in this mod includes four other easy-to-access modes, which are easy to oscillate between at any time as per your need. The first one is the Smart VW mode which facilitates any kanthal-coiled atty to be detected with an automatic safe power level set. This mode is best for those who do not know where to set the power. Then there is CCW (custom curve wattage) and CCT (custom curve temperature) which are actually the same things but gives you the freedom to play a little with the display on the panel and enhance your vaping experience making it more fun. So basically what this mode does is allows you to customize the way your atomizer performs within a 5-second time frame based on the wattage you set per .5-seconds. Last but not the least is the bypass mode that allows you to just dump battery power to the atomizer like in a mechanical mod.

Now coming to the Vecco tank is one that has done away with the ceramic coils and used cotton coils. These coils are not only easy change by just flipping the tank upside down, unscrewing the base and dropping a new coil but also cause semi restricted air flow that ensures no leakage of the liquid.

Over all a fantastic product and with the amazing tanks in the kits, kudos to Vaporesso and the looks of the product just add to the overall appeal. Totally worth every penny spent.

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