Vaporesso Revenger Mini

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Being a new member of the revenger progeny, the Vaporesso revenger mini kit employs the most updated technology chipset OMNI Board 2.2 with a range from 5W till 85W. It has an amazing and compact design with an appealing look and a number of customizable lighting patterns. With sharper graphics, the revenger kit is backed by a high performance long-lasting internal battery. The battery is rated at a smashing 2500mAH. Real-time charging, quick 2.5A charging support and an equalizer charging system are inherently included in OMNI 2.0 board. Updated with the latest technology, it is provided NRG SE Tank, featuring novel and one of its kind GT Cores with traditional and CCELL coils. Refill is made extremely easy with the slide-n-fill design. The NRG that is provided is one of the most convenient and renders the best flavor producing tanks. Revenger mini kits are equipped with the creative and aesthetic In-Mould Labeling (IML) case and the lighting forms like never before patterns which enables it to stand out in the crowd. Since the design is an open one, air flow can be adjusted easily and in a rapid fashion. Give it a hit and be mesmerized!


*photo from Vaporesso instagram page

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