The FDA is Owned by Big Tobacco – And it’s Official

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It seems like the FDA is intent of just throwing party, after party, after party for big tobacco. Worst of all, the FDA seems to want to do this regardless of the negative health effects their actions are going to spread across the national public. Are you worried yet? Of course, we are all about actions over impotent worrying, but it’s definitely appropriate to raise a brow here.

This is what we are talking about: the FDA just finalized regulations establishing regulatory authority over e-cigarettes and other tobacco products, such as regular cigarettes and cigars. The problem is, all of these items are getting lumped together – when they really shouldn’t be. We’re scratching our heads, and asking ourselves why e-cigarettes with ever land in the same category as a cigarette.

Here’s where it gets complicated: if e-cigarettes are thrown together with regular cigarettes and other severely harmful and cancer-causing products, we risk having the public view e-cigarettes as if they are just as dangerous. That’s simply not the case, and quite honestly, not true whatsoever. But, the FDA has made it clear that they want this new regulation to be federal law – and big tobacco is jumping for joy.

Those evil, big tobacco fat cats are excited to take this new federal regulation all the way to the bank. We all know e-cigarettes do not contain tobacco at all, nor do they contain many of the other chemicals, and in many cases all the chemicals, that regular cigarettes have. Big tobacco knows this too, nice weather excited. If e-cigarettes are more expensive, and require the consumer to change their habit, but their scene is just as harmful – what in the world is the incentive to change their habit for the better? Consumers are going to be none the wiser, left in the dark, and will continue to smoke regular cigarettes, cigars and other tobacco products that will wreak havoc on their health.

This backwards federal regulation comes at a very inconvenient moment – as e-cigarettes have experienced a relative boom grown by new smokers looking for a safe alternative, and former smokers who wish to either wean themselves off smoking completely, or switch to a healthier option.

 Unfortunately, here’s what e-cigarettes face now. Due to the FDA regulations, all e-cigarettes must go through an approval process for every product – and this can cost up to $1 million per product. This can cripple any e-cigarette company’s chance of entering the market, and big tobacco knows it.

The bottom line is – this is an issue that should be left to the states to decide. Why are we having a federal regulation on this kind of thing? The FDA has to be aware of what they’re doing. We smell a rat, and this could easily be big tobacco forcing their ash-ridden agenda down the FDA’s throat all over again.

It’s about time we broke free, and put e-cigarettes in the positive light they were always supposed to be in – void of senseless approval costs, and represented as the healthy alternative they were designed to be.


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