Expert of Tobacco Addiction Has Suggested That Doctors Actually Recommend Vaping

tobacco addiction

There have been various studies done over the last year and a half about the benefits of vaping and the effect it can have on those who smoke. The truth is that a lot of experts have come forward to say that doctors recommend vaping to all of their patients who currently smoke. Professor Ann McNeill is a deputy director at a UK health centre and she is an active researcher. She writes on everything to do with tobacco addiction and she has over 250 academic articles published.

Recently, she has started to build a case that shows the harm tobacco addition can cause a smoker while also stating why vaping should be considered as an option. In the article, which she has backed with decades of research, she also states that vaping should be regulated but at the end of the day, it will certainly help to save lives. In your standard cigarette, there are over 70 carcinogens and there are thousands of toxins as well. These have been found by scientists in every single type of cigarette out there and now it has been suggested that every cigarette can cut down your life by 11 minutes. Vaping can be a very powerful tool when it comes to quitting and now it is ten times more popular than it ever was.

If you have tried to quit smoking in the past but you have failed, vaping could be the ideal solution for you and now renowned professors are backing it up in an attempt to show people what they could be missing out on. Vaping is much healthier when compared to smoking and it is the ideal aid if you want to stop smoking altogether but just can’t go cold turkey.

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