Cigarette Companies Trying to Change Vaping

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We’ve already spoken at length about how vaping is going to change the smoking industry and save lives. However, it is becoming harder and harder for good people like you and me to bring awareness of vaping and its health benefits to the masses.


Why? Big Tobacco.


The big bad wolf, the devil in the details, the wolves in sheep’s clothing, and the man with a management chair ready for him and hell, Big Tobacco, has taken slander and misinformation to a whole new level. Here’s what’s happening:


After trying to destroy vaping forever, it looks like Big Tobacco is joining the masses and rolling out their first leaving product in April. Both Philip Morris and Japan Tobacco are lined up to have products, but both are already experiencing a delay in shipping logistics. This is being billed by both companies as a, “supply shortage”.


Yeah, right.


Read between the lines. This looks and sounds like two major companies are getting people excited about a healthier alternative, and then taking that hope away – pushing people right back on the cigarettes. What’s worse is that these companies are introducing real tobacco into vaping products. That goes against everything vaping stands for!


Here’s the truth – iQOS, produced by Philip Morris, uses vaping sticks with tobacco refills known as, “Marlboro Heartsticks”. Once these hit the market, they immediately posted better than expected sales in 12 regions across Japan. That’s terrible for health, but good for sales, right? Yes, but with an exception. Why introduce a new product that will obliterate the potency of your entire product catalog?


In other words, Marlboro Heartsticks are making Big Tobacco gun-shy.


Right now, Big Tobacco is rolling out their vaping products in Asia – but not North America. That’s a thimble of faith, but not enough to bring vaping to the North American market where the presence could really explode on a global scale through marketing and advertising.


Here’s the question – is this a problem because Big Tobacco is keeping their products from North America, or has the North American smoking culture not shown enough interest in vaping? Either way, people who care about health know that either option is not a good option, and vaping needs to be brought to the masses in a profound way.


Another question is whether or not we want Big Tobacco playing around in the vaping market at all. We feel more comfortable if an independent startup in Silicon Valley minted a genius vaping product, leveraged crowdfunding money for an initial production, and grew the brand from there? At least they would more than likely be held accountable for the contents of the vaping cigarette.


Bottom line, let’s keep tobacco out of our lungs, and keep talking about the best solutions on the market. What is your favorite way to vape? What brands do you want to see rise to the top. Let’s keep the national conversation going and usher in the change that we want to see in our community.

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