Altria Has Urged The FDA To Ease On Certain Regulations

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There are plenty of anti-tobacco groups out there and they were surprised when the Altria company went to the FDA and asked that they make some small changes. These changes would effectively reduce the amount of shares they have in the vaping market and it would also bolster a lot of other small companies in the industry as well. Altria Group is actually a parent company of Philip Morris and they create the cigarettes for Marlboro, so this makes the whole concept very interesting indeed.

Altria want to propose a movement that would set a baseline of performance for all electronic products and when this has been met, this would let the alternative market satisfy the PMTA. The spokesperson at Altria has stated that they want manufacturers to support their own efforts when it comes to bringing new and interesting innovative products to the market, especially if this advances public health. They also want to encourage those who do participate in the market to compete and make change. The leader at Altria believes that any step forward is a positive one if it cuts back on the amount of people who actually smoke tobacco as well as making sure that lung cancer rates drop as a result as well.

Of course, there are some people who believe that vaping is just as bad as smoking and that it cannot help you to quit entirely, but even so, it is good to see a cigarette manufacturer focus more on the health and welfare of those who use their products as opposed to trying to advertise them and cut past regulations. Some might say that they have an agenda and others may say that this movement is not going to benefit anyone, but if it does happen, we’ll soon find out.

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