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The electric, battery powered E- cigarettes better known as Vaping Devices that had gained quite an acceptance amongst the smoking gang of teenagers, has been an object and a matter of much speculation lately. While some reports and research say that it is a trend that has now taken a backseat in this demographic region, including a decline in number of teenagers smoking normal cigarettes, there are others who seem to claim just the opposite. Back in 2011 the device that became a tool to add to the cool quotient of a teenager, seems to be out of their hands and buying limits also because of a minimum age limit having been levied on the purchase and sale of the same.

Surveys and reports obtained from the Institute for Social Research at the University of Michigan, have shown a major drop in the use of vaping devices amongst teens, down to almost 13 percent which is a good number as compared to the vaping teen population and the device’s popularity among them, to what it was just five years back.

However for some other reports with data of vaping trends and preferred brands amongst youngsters in middle and high school, the CDC (Centre for Disease Control) seems to disagree with the result of the analysis and has twisted the information as per their perception. On one hand where the CDC claims to see a rise in the number of teen vaping cases, the same report on Surgeon General Website that has been dismissed by the CDC shows a minor 1.5 percent rise in vaping among the youth.

Well the matter isn’t just limited to reports and surveys. A number of high authority officials want a slice of the cake and have their views on the matter as well. Some see vaping as a threat to the overall wellbeing of the younger generation, stating various negative effects of the same, like priming for use of other addictive substances, reduced impulse control, deficits in attention and cognition and mood disorders and consider these E cigarettes it to be as harmful as a combustion cigarette. There are others on the defensive that deny such claims and blatantly regard them as overstating of false facts that have insufficient data to prove their authenticity.

So much is being said, pondered upon and reported to let general public know that weighing the pros and cons, rise and fall of the vaping fad is still on. With the government imposing taxation on sale of vaping products, it is tough to say what lies ahead, for those who have taken to using the e cigarette or vaping devices and even those with views against it.

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