Vape Expo in Italy Raided?

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Essentially, all distribution of vapor products are prohibited in Italy except by businesses which apply for (and pay for) a license, as tobacconists must be licensed in the country. These measures are likely due to a reported EUR200 million shortfall over 2 years because of vaping products.

From SkyVape (translated by Google):

“Tomorrow the Fair resumes in line with the event without liquids only with [flavors] and hardware. Struck the stands of Smoking, Vapexpress and many others not known. They tell us that not even the lawyers have been able to do much because the preventive seizure has already been implemented.“

SkyVape reports that on, March 10, 2018, agents for the Guardia di Finanza, Italy’s Financial Guard, conducted a full-scale raid on the Svapor Expo, a major vaping convention/trade show located in Forli, northern Italy, seized all product, and closed the Expo.

Based on emerging reports, the Guardia di Finanza conducted a pre-opening inspection and subsequently seized all e-liquids from all participants, even taking is as far as to tail those present to determine whether they possessed contraband materials. These actions appear to stem from Italy’s loss of revenue generated through punitive taxation and restrictive, expensive licensing requirements.


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