Three High-Potency Strains for that One Pot Plant You are About to Grow

godfather og, tc's durban cookies, boss frost

If you are a pot aficionado you would know there are thousands of different hybrid strains generated by pot researchers all over the world, just so that, their names can be etched in golden letters on the Rasta Hall of Fame. Even if you have been smoking since quiet sometime, you would have realized that different strains of that pot you buy, give you a different kind of high. Well since being legalized the local household pot researchers, have become much more serious and tech-savvy about their approach to the business. And thus, you now have access to such strains, that are available locally and maybe not anywhere else. So if you are looking for some really awesome strain of pot, then here are some highly potent and innovative strains, which are also the top sellers in their respective states of origins.

  1. Godfather OG

With a heavy name comes a high potency, with 34.04% potency of activated THC in the Godfather OG, if you get super baked then all that its creator would want to say is, “they only meant business”. Well that’s exactly this beautiful strain from California boasts about. Created by California Herbal Remedies Godfather OG is the record potency holder of the High Times Cannabis Cup 2016.

  1. TC’s Durban Cookies

Though they name sounds very intriguing and maybe compelling as well, you would want to think twice before having cookies made out of these. TC’s Durban Cookies is a classy strain, which is a hybrid created by Trichome Charlie of Oasis Medical Seeds. TC’s Durban Cookies is first cross hybrid of the Durban, that has managed to achieve the high potency levels of 25%, and which is why it has been featured in lists of best pot strains 2017.

  1. Boss Frost

With a high potency of 27 %, the pot of from the family of the great Cannabis Indica can do exactly as the name promises. The Boss Frost stood first on the regional rankings of North Carolina, holding the 26th place on our list, Boss Frost is something that you should try out and certainly should invest your money in.

So here it’s a list of three amazingly healthy and strong strains of pot plants that you should not miss out on. If you can get your hands on some, plant them out and do not forget to share your experiences with the community.

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