The Digital Age-Changing The Pot Culture

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People are finally accepting Cannabis. Although it’s not acceptable in all the states and it still gets some flak for being what it is, a few states like California, Washington are finally accepting the use of it. As more and more people are getting involved and using Cannabis, other industries like, technology, is also getting involved and working side-by-side to bring it out from the dark.

As Cannabis gets legal, there occurs a question of a need for transparency, which is as important as anything to omit out the bad experiences and keeping it clean.

This ever-changing technology, especially some apps and other software, are doing exactly what’s needed to give it the transparency.

  • Leafly: Not only does this app keep you updated with all the latest news on Cannabis, it also allows you to maintain your database on the basis of strain.
  • High There: This new piece of technology works like a dating application, the only difference being it won’t allow you to find your possible love interest, but it will allow you to track down other Pot users nearby you. It gives you the access to swipe right (“High there!”) or left (“Bye there!”) on people near you.
  • KushMoji: This app allows you to send emoticons to other people, which are directly linked to the companies’ websites, so people can share new brands with each other and have access to all of their details like price and availability.
  • Seamless: Think of anything you wish to eat after consuming Pot, this app allows you to order anything you want and it gets delivered to your doorsteps depending upon your location.


And lastly, there is also some software available which try to provide the transparency required to make Pot legitimate, like BioTrackTHC and Franwell METRC, mostly used by dispensaries, cultivators, even extraction facilities, to keep a track of every plant and product.


These apps and various programs like these are playing a crucial role in making the Pot culture legit with the basic aim of keeping it all transparent.

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