smok alien

Made for those who have switched to vaping instead of smoking regular combustible cigarette and are looking for a product that promises ample power and superior performance, introducing to you, the Alien mod-, an all in one vaporizer for intermediate and advanced users.

For those of you looking for a vaping device that is not only stylish to look at but even loaded with amazing hardware setup features, the Alien mod is just what you have been waiting to hear about.  Speaking of design the Alien mod is following the trend of the Chinese designers and manufactures with a cylindrical shaped box, curved sides, a flat top and a hinged battery door at the bottom which is flat as well.

Somewhat similar to the Sigelei vaporizer, in shape, size and power output ,is very different from its competitor in terms of cosmetic designs, regulating chips, display screens, and menu navigation. On one hand where design elements like the rhomboid shaped adjustment buttons, the OLED display are an information galore, it is these very features of the layout graphic design and even the font sizes that may make things look rather cluttered on the panel.

Triggered by simply pressing the top of the bar, on just one side of the case is the firing bar that has been carefully designed, in a way to contour the shape of the mod box itself making it look seamless and rather chic. However these compact convenient vapors have triggers that demand a little more pressure to activate the firing, at least when compared to other push button vaping devices.

Considering the demands and expectations of the current generation of vapors, the Alien mod seems to be quite the product that people have been waiting for looking at the quick and adjustable firing as per your need for hard, soft or standard initial ramp-up. With accurate temperature control, moderate power output and easy navigation adds yet another point to the list of reason why the Alien mod could be your next choice of vaporizer. With an easy to understand menu on the panel, the vaping experience is quick and convenient for absolutely anybody.

The overall experience and performance of the product is very good and only later will we be able to determine any long term issues that come with it, but for now the great amalgamation of technology and manufacturing as compared to what it was two years back, looks fairly promising when it comes to the products performance and longitivity.

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