The age of Vaping!

totally wicked stadium

This might sound bizarre but it’s true- a professional rugby club stadium has been named after a vape company! Isn’t that totally wicked?


Well, it is because the vape company is called Totally Wicked and now we can see how they stand up to their name, literally! This British company has been in the news quite often for their unabashed and unique business ideas. It’s the same company that had challenged the EU Tobacco Products Directive in court and that’s not all- the company took it to the next level by opening their fancy store right next to a Welsh politician’s office who had been proposing restrictions on vaping. Wow! Now that’s what’s called being totally wicked!


So, now the Langtree Park, home of the St. Helens Saints, a rugby team, will be known as Totally Wicked Stadium beginning next year after the vaping company acquired the naming rights. A sponsor for the team since 5 years, the players even show off the totally wicked logo on their jerseys and this name agreement is said to last for 5 years. It’s a stadium with a huge capacity of 18,000 spectators! Wait for it…


Totally Wicked Stadium allows vaping! Was that surprising? The rugby club has been playing an active role in the health and education domain and supports the need for a healthy environment by promoting a vape friendly atmosphere with totally wicked. It is supposed to be an initiative to raise awareness about the damaging effect of tobacco smoking and aims to deter people from starting it in the very first place! This relationship of the rugby club and Totally Wicked aims to spread wider health objectives along with supporting and promoting sports and health. This vaping company has really outdone itself and really made a benchmark for the vaping industry all across the globe


The rugby team is a highly popular one all across Europe and their support will definitely help Totally Wicked gain the attention it truly deserves! It’s a very old club and one that many young and old people look up to! Totally Wicked aims at bringing in a healthier atmosphere and supports vaping as a healthy alternative. The numerous ill effects of tobacco smoking are unknown to many and hopefully this relationship for health and awareness will be able to educate people and help people make healthier life choices! Way to go!

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