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The Alpine RDTA by Syntheticloud has taken the RDTA market by storm. Alpine RDTA is a hassle-free as well as innovative filling system that is made keeping the general usability in mind. In order to handle your high wattage coil configurations, this RDTA of Syntheticloud features a gold plated two post deck. The functionality that this RDTA offers is, no doubt, great. It measures 24mm in diameter and has a 3 milliliter juice capacity that is filled through the center fill port. It is enabled by removing the top cap and is located in the center of the chassis.

There is a unique feature that Alpine RDTA boasts and that is its titanium screws. As you may already know that compared to steel, titanium is much stronger. This suggests to the fact that these screws will strip less. Want to put the Alpine RDTA to test? Toss in your favorite built and fall in love with the performance of this RDTA, even with the hottest builds.

Compared to the other RDTAs in the market, the production of vapor in Alpine RDTA is much better. Not to mention the flavor. You are going to get completely blown away by it. All thanks to the dual airflow design. In order to maximize the flavor or vapor, the Alpine has top as well as bottom airflow.

Do you know what the best part it? You have the freedom to adjust the flavor according to your preference. Now, that’s a good news! The design is anti-leak. This lessens the chances of spillage. Also, on the top cap, it has an additional implementation of spitback protection. There are two methods through which airflow enters the central apparatus. In the first method, air flows through a bottom dual air slots and feed directly into the coil chamber. In the other method, airflow enters from the top cap and creates a cyclonic airflow system.

In Alpine RDTA, there is present ample wicking space with 4mm diameter wicking ports that goes to the reservoir. This is what makes it possible for Alpine RDTA to meet your high power performance needs. If you are a serious RTA or RDTA enthusiast, then Alpine RDTA of Syntheticloud is a must have, as it is a powerful package of quality manufacturing and materials, beautiful aesthetics and latest innovation.

Product features and specifications

  • 24mm diameter
  • 20mm spacious deck
  • Stainless steel construction
  • 2 post holes
  • 3ml liquid capacity
  • Genesis style wicking system
  • 3ml juice capacity
  • Innovative center fill port
  • Dual slotted top airflow
  • Dual slotted bottom airflow
  • Anti-spitback protection
  • PEEK-insulated positive post
  • Delrinwidebore drip tip
  • Protruding 510 connector
  • Titanium screws
  • Pyrex glass reinforcement
  • 24k gold plated internals
  • Leak-proof design
  • Gold-plated 510 connection

Product includes

  • One Syntheticloud RDTA
  • Spare parts and O-Rings
  • One replacement glass tube

Get one Alpine RDTA and experience the excellent flavor yourself!

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