Stop living for Friday and start living for real

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Stop living for Friday and start living for real

If you want to look at the kind of life that a person has and you want to know if they are headed towards success or failure, just look at the way they behave when Friday comes and the way they behave when Monday is around the corner.

The problem is that most people spend their entire lives being underachievers and they do this because they are too afraid of going out there and doing risky things that will allow them to become successful people. They hide behind the “joy” of Friday nights and the collective dread for Monday morning and this is a horrible way to live because of the mediocrity that surrounds that way of thinking.

A Little experiment

I dare you to take the time to conduct a little experiment that is going to allow you to see just how accurate this is. Go out there and examine the lives of those people in your social circle who always complain about Mondays and they get overly excited about being able to go out on Friday nights to have a few drinks. You will find that no one the people who hate Mondays and love Fridays are successful or happy with their lives.

The days of the week have no emotional weight for successful people

A successful person is able to make any day a Friday and there is no Monday to worry about. A person with an entrepreneurial mind will break out of the calendar and live life the way they want to. No need for 9 to 5 schedules and the breadcrumb rewards of being able to let loose on Friday night just to repeat the process all over again on Monday.

The worst part is that there is a collective numbness that creates a network of support between all of those people who love Fridays and hate Mondays. They basically feed off each other and they create memes on social media and continuously remind each other of the many reasons why Friday is an important day for them.

Any successful person in this world is going to tell you that they actually love Mondays because that is the day when most of their clients are back to business. They will also tell you that Friday is just another day of the week and that they never feel restrained to have to wait for Friday or Saturday to enjoy a good dinner or have a few drinks with friends or family, but most importantly, they will tell you that they never feel the need to create a horrible routine of going out to get drinks every single weekend because they barely have the time or the money to be entertained in any other way.

Once you understand the many reasons why this is a terrible trap and you are basically stuck in a loop, you will finally take the time to look for a way to get away from that mediocre and extremely sad lifestyle. The problem is that most people allow themselves to be in a state of denial with this issue and they find comfort in the large number of people who share the same sentiment.


If you want to be able to find success in life, you need to avoid getting stuck in the mentality that Friday is your reward for a life of underachievement. You need to take charge and do everything in your power to achieve success. The first step is to recognize that you are stuck and then it will all be quite clear to you.

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