Here’s Everything You Need To Know About Snapchat and the Memories Update

snapchat memories

Snapchat have released their latest update and it is called Memories. You may hear a lot of people talk about this and you may have heard that Snapchat has gotten away from what it once was. People have even said that it is over for Snapchat, but the truth is that messages like this have been said before and it doesn’t mean that it is over at all. Snapchat is the platform that is famous for content disappearing all of the time but now it is shifting in a completely new direction. If you haven’t heard yet, this is a searchable feature that lets you take a look at all of your snapchats and your stories.

If you are worried about someone else snapping your shots, you don’t have to. Memories will come with a section that is completely protected with My Eyes Only.

So why did Snapchat do this? In all honesty, it signifies the start of a very clever strategy. It doesn’t matter whether it is reactionary or premeditated because they have already owned their user base and now they want to take things to that next level without any restrictions. Think about it, you can easily see why this is a great move and you can also see why people are against it. Even so, in a couple of months’ time, people will probably be saying how great this update is and they will also be saying how useful it is as well.

After all, humans are creatures of habit and you would be surprised at how quickly they adjust to something new, and how much they hate change in the first place as well! Have you seen the new snapchat update? Why not head over and take a look?

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