Do You Want More Traffic? Then Use These Top Template Tips

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Even the smartest marketers know that humans are mostly creatures of habit. We love to do and see things that are familiar to us and this is very evident in our search behaviour. Either way, it turns out that it doesn’t matter what you are selling or how you are trying to sell it, because people search in similar ways most of the time. This means that some types of content is similar as well. So if you use templates, you’ll find that you can automatically target the audience you want and this is regardless of how you change it and how you adapt it to your needs.

To begin with, you have the comparison headline. This is “[This] vs. [That]: Which is [Adverb/Adjective]?” This is great for your SEO and it is also a good idea for you to pit various products against each other as well. Next you have the EST headline. This is “The [Adjective] Way to [Goal] (optional to diminish effort/cost/etc.)” This headline is great because it helps you to boost your blogs and it also hits the mark when it comes to human behaviour and long-tailed keywords as well. This is great if you want SEO that doesn’t have a lot of competition and the variations you can access really are endless. In fact, if you want, you can combine them with a huge range of other templates out there as well if you want to double up.

So as you can see, there are plenty of ways you can use your templates to try and benefit you and you would be surprised at how much you can take things to that next level by simply giving it a go for yourself today. It’s never been easier.

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