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Solace Salts is ideal for low wattage devices. Using nicotine salts at the right amount provides an excellent vaping experience and is perfect for non sub ohm devices!

Dragonthol is a minty flavor designed to appease the appetite and replicate of the daily menthol lovers. After trying this mint and fruit fusion you’re sure not going to want to grab another menthol cigarette product.

Mango is a rich and sweet mango flavor that is perfect for anyone who enjoys fruit filled e-liquids.

Try something new with Neked Peach Rings. Based upon the unique candy flavor, Neked Peach Rings is a sweet, cool and refreshing peach based flavor that will keep you returning for more.

Mint taste exactly how it sounds, refreshing mint flavoring and a creamy exhale with every puff.

An Ideal tobacco flavored choice for people attempting to quit smoking or curb their traditional cigarette intake. This creamy tobacco infused flavor combines rich tobacco flavoring with a delicate creamy after taste.

An instant Solace Vapor classic, Strawberry Hardcandy combines the sizziling sweet candies of your youth with the raw sweetness of a strawberry flavoring fresh from the field.

Latte is exactly like your morning cup of coffee with a blend of sweetness and cream.

Solace Butterscotch is loaded with a creamy and rich flavor that tastes exactly like your favorite Butterscotch dessert and candy. Try Solace Butterscotch as a perfect treat for your day.

Jefe is a pure Virginia cut tobacco that retains all the flavor and power that you would anticipate from a conventional tobacco flavor.

Solace Vapor’s Vanilla Bean is an ode to the classic Vanilla Bean Ice cream. It is an ideal flavor for those hot summer days where you want some to refresh and stimulate the senses.

Crisp and refreshing lemonade with a hit of strawberry and kiwi.

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