Why You Seriously need to Consider Growing, a Single Pot Plant at Home? (Mind You!)

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When the weather is chilled out, the music is high, put on those sunglasses and move to the groove, as it’s time to lite up that Rasta baby! Well to all the tokers out there, the message is here from the lord himself, if you like to light up that doobie at any chance you get to chill out then hearts out to you. Even though marijuana has become legal in most part of the country, it’s still selling at some higher than sky rates, while the quants being low. So why be dependent on a dealer who is giving you limited standard quantity, of something that might be chemically botched up, for a high price. Regular users, they need it, but if you smoke it recreationally, and do not like to deal with sellers on a personal level, you should very well think about growing a single pot plant at your place of living.

Pot at home? But why would I do that?

Well for starters because, you like to smoke it, and secondly you can hide your stash in plain sight, and thirdly and most importantly, it’ll be your own harvest so you would know what all things you have used to grow your batch. And since it’s being legalized all over the country, you don’t have to worry about drug enforcement agencies being on your tail, until unless you get high enough and try to pull up a Breaking Bad story of your own out of your kitty. Well anyways, since it’s being legalized, if you have grown one small plant in your home, no one is going to bother you. Mostly because, they might have one potted in their backyards or basements, or because President Trump must have assigned them some duty on the Mexican border.

Coming Back to Serious Matters at Hand

Growing a single pot plant at home can be quite easy since you won’t require a very professional set up, as you are not planning to distribute it to your entire neighborhood (Or wait are you?), in any case with a few simple steps and with a lot of bright lighting, you can achieve the simple task of growing a single pot plant at your home, which for sure will be healthy pot plant for your own personal use. If you use marijuana on a recreational basis, or just to have a relaxed time at the end of the day, or even if someone at your home is suffering from conditions like Glaucoma, and have been advised by a medical personal physician to try out marijuana medically, growing single pot plant at your home can be very beneficial. And if not you can still use that opportunity to justify the situation, and create a secret stash of good pot for you and your friends anyway. Since it looks green and healthy, and with proper nutrition gives out a beautiful aroma (depending on the strain you’re trying to grow) no one will bother asking what it is. And even if they do just tell them it’s that plant from that flag. So until next time, happy baking.

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