Scottish inmates will be receiving free what?

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The BBC reports that tobacco addicted correctional prisoners in Scottish detention centers will be provided totally free vapor items as Scotland prepares to make their prisons and jails tobacco-free this fall. This relocation resembles the shift to vapor for other prisoners of British reformatories.

Strategies to prohibit smoking cigarettes in Scottish correctional centers were revealed last year amidst issues over the unfavorable health effect of pre-owned smoke on prisoners. The restriction will take result at the end of November; at the start of November, vapor starter sets will be made offered to cigarette smoking prisoners at no expense to them in order to motivate them to change.

Scottish Jail Service (SPS) spokesperson Tom Fox stated:

“After the 30th of November, there will be nowhere in our prisons where anyone will be able to smoke. People in the community who are giving up cigarettes, still have the opportunity to smoke in parts of the community. The people in our care won’t be able to smoke at all. We are recognising the unique nature of that environment by providing the support we are.”

The relocation does not come without some issues, nevertheless, particularly issues surrounding the expense of the program. Scottish Conservative Justice Liam Kerr voiced that issue therefore:

“I think that has to be the right thing to do. To say we will help you transition off smoking, but after that the public shouldn’t be shelling out to help you transition away [from smoking to vaping].”


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