Researchers judge air quality in vapers’ homes

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Scientists in California have revealed the fact there were no difference between vapers and non vapers homes when it comes to airborne particulate matter. Good news for vaping industry. Scientists from the San Diego State University conducted the particular research and the National Heart, Lung, and Blood institute funded the research.

The research

The research included experimenting with 300 families having one smoker and one young child below the age of 14 years. The researchers installed two particle monitors in two separate locations of the house. The researchers let the monitors scan the air in the houses for about 3 months. The air was scanned for particles between 0.5 micrometers and 2.5 micrometers. The data was then given to the researchers.

As per the report, the researchers were not able to find any apparent difference in the particle distribution in the houses with electronic cigarettes usage and the houses with none cigarettes usage. The aim of the study was to identify what was actually happening in the houses causing higher air particle levels and then creating unhealthy environment for children and weak.

The researchers even interviewed the inhabitants of the said houses. The houses where people were smoking inside had twice the mean particle level as compared to the houses where people went out to smoke. In these houses, cigarettes were known to be the major contributors to presence of high particle levels. Moreover, incense, candles, dusting the floor, and fireplaces also contributed to the high mean particle levels in the houses.

However, the houses which used e-cigarettes experienced unremarkable mean particle counts. The researchers thus reported that they were not able to find any difference when it came to mean particle levels reported for houses using electronic cigarettes and houses with no cigarettes usage. Thus, the research’s results went in favour of vaping devices.

Moreover, the research aimed at finding effectual methods for promoting smoke free houses. The research also wanted to look for good strategies in order to reduce household pollution. Vaping devices thus came out to be an ideal solution for the abovementioned problem in the research.

The researchers thus plan to educate the Dooley about the less pollution levels present in the vapers’ houses. The researchers also plan to look for ways to encourage people to switch over to vaper system. However, the particular research does presents a positive aspect of vaping which has been widely ignored till now.

*photo by echo grid from unsplash gallery

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