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If you’re looking to give pod vaping a go, the Phix Vaporizer Kit is one of the most innovative choices. Designed with the highest quality in mind, it is a highly convenient device. The revolutionary draw activated firing and replacement e-liquid pods allow you to simply attach your chosen pod and inhale! It has been designed by a expert and experienced company Major League Vapers, who have been involved in the vaping community for years.

The USB device enables you to charge the pen-style system anywhere and everywhere; you can hook it up to just about anything. It is compatible with Phix pods, of which you can choose your e-juice flavors. These have been crafted especially for the Phix Vaporizer, and will give you the ultimate vaping experience.

Specifications of the Phix Vaporizer


Battery Capacity: 280 mAh

Vape Capacity: 1.5 mL Capacity

Power: Unregulated

Mechanism: Draw Activated Firing

Charging Port: Micro USB


Components of the Phix Vaporizer Kit


Phix Vaporizer – 1 piece

Phix Pod Original Tobacco – 1 piece

Micro USB Cable – 1 piece

Tobacco e-juice pod – 1 piece

Key Features of the Phix Vaporizer


Vaping system: Closed loop

Resistance: Patented ceramic coil with 1.4-1.5-ohm

Wattage: 3.7 W

Puffs per charge: 220


The Phix Vaporizer Kit is a great convenience to those who are looking to jump into pod vaping, but also great for veterans. Ultra slim and capable; it’s perfect!


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