Human Tissue Test Reveals The Effects Of E-Cigarette Vapor

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There have been plenty of tests done over the last couple of years and there have been a lot of studies done to try and find out as well but now a new test has come on the market that changes the way we see e-cigs. The test was done on airway tissue and cigarette smoke. They employed a lab robot and they also used respiratory tissue as well. They also tested e-cigarettes as well and the results they found were rather shocking. They found that the cigarettes showed signs of damage, but e-cigs had absolutely no cytotoxic effects on the human airway tissue at all.

The results show that cigarette smoke reduced the level of cell viability to 12% and this is very close to cell death. This was after 6 hours. Of course, when you compare this to e-cigarettes, the aerosols showed no significant decrease in the viability of the cells and this was even after 6 hours of exposure. The results were very similar to those of control cells that were exposed to air and air alone. Even with this level of exposure and the aggressiveness of the test, the e-cigs vapours did not reduce the viability at all. In fact, they had the same viability of air and this is the main surprise that came to the researchers who took part in the study.

So what is the end conclusion? It is that e-cigarettes have the same effect on the body as air. So if you need to stop smoking or if you want to make sure that you have the best result from your e-cigs then there are a couple of things you can do to try and quit smoking safetly and that is with the help of e-cigarettes.

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