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 Ariana Grande has moved many people through her wonderful and super impressive impersonations on Saturday Night Live –an American television show. The live performance at the show was definitely a triumph and victory for Ariana where she proved herself to be an amazing singer, as well as impersonator.

          Ariana Grande’s hosting performance has shown off her unusual humor on Tidal. During the performance in Tidal skit, the power goes off and the subscription service is at the risk of losing music. And then Ariana plays her role by joining in and saving the day through her brilliant vocal performances. The twenty-two year old singer and actress impersonated Celina Dione, Shakira, Rihanna, Whitney Houston as well as Britney Spears. And she certainly did it very well.

      Ariana was given the allowance to do whatever she felt like on the show. And through her impersonations, she has –without any doubts, left her fans wonder-struck who are stunned by her brilliant performance and heart-throbbing vocals. Ariana Grande is a multi-talented singer. She totally pulled off the skit as an internee on Tidal. The breathtaking singer also used the SNL platform to debut two songs from her upcoming third album –Dangerous Woman.

      The American show Saturday Night Live took aim at the malfunctions that have been invading the music streaming service, Tidal, in this skit while starring the stunning Ariana Grande. The segment had a wonderful highlight –yes, I mean Kenan Thompson. He used to be a star in Kenan and Kel -Nickelodeon’s 1990s toilet humor hit series. And he still looks amazing as he did back in those days.

          In this skit on SNL, there was another role called Bernie Sanders played by comedian Larry. Larry David was given the job of introducing Grande for her second performance when Grande temporarily fill in the tunes with her mesmerizing voice. And Ariana was heart giggling into the microphone before singing another song from her album Dangerous Woman. The song is called, ‘Be Alright’.

         We all knew how good of a singer Ariana is. But her last week’s performance on SNL, both as a witty host and musical guest has turned her into so much more. Indeed, she slayed the performance on the live show. The impressive and witty skit was absolutely a success for both Ariana Grande and for the SNL productions. The show has gained a lot of appreciation after Grande’s outstanding amusing and funny staging. During the humorous skit, when the power went off and she was asked to impersonate Ariana Grande, she refused to do that. And threw a more drolly response, saying “I am not a big fan of hers.”

        Her impressions of the show were pretty amusing and the witty performance was enjoyed by everyone. If the broadcast devoted much to impressions as of Ariana’s rather than using the show for Trump campaigns, it would have gained more fame than it has. Even Grande’s wardrobe on SNL has been a matter of discussion. The show was absolutely fun to watch because of Grande’s splendid impersonations.

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