Dinafem Seed Bank – Revolution in Cannabis seeds

Dinafem can be better explained as a seed bank which sells the high quality sativa as well as Indica cannabis seeds from all over the world. Professor OG initiated Dinafem Seeds in the year 2002. It was started as a project in order to produce the top quality seeds different from the normal seeds.

These seeds are the best selection of feminized, CBD rich, auto flowering seeds. These seeds are available online. Dinafem has earned the reputation of being the first breeder of feminized seeds in Spain.  Dinafem adopts effective methods to offer maximum quality when it comes to seeds.

These three methods include:

Diligent choice of Cannabis seeds

Dinafem makes sure that they mechanically and manually clean the vegetable remains from the Marijuana seeds. Then these seeds are classified by size and only the best ones are chosen.

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Proper storage for best conservation

Proper care is taken with USB containers for storing Dinafem seeds meticulously. Temperature and humidity are constantly monitored in order to get best maintenance of the marijuana seeds.

Reliable packaging to offer risk free transport 

Dinafem makes sure that these Marijuana seeds are packaged as well as transported in Eppendorf Microtubes. These light and durable tubes are used for carrying Silica gel and the cannabis seeds. Moreover, these are separated using a polyurethane membrane. The gel can regulate humidity in order to protect the qualities of cannabis seeds.

The founder of Dinafem was able to see the inherent advantages in these said seeds. Thus, he has been making efforts to research, selecting the ideal types, and then trying to make new cross breeding.

Dinafem seeds bank

Dinafem seeds bank was initiated with a sole purpose of sharing feminized and cannabis seeds with the Marijuana lovers. Feminized seeds are beneficial for those individuals who face constraints when it comes to space for growing.

Cannabis seeds cultivation require a complex process which requires identification and removal of the male plants right at the initiation of flowering period. However, this can reduced with the help of feminized strains. Thus, cultivators are able to avoid the arduous job and also avoid problems which can result from an improper identification.

Dinafem seeds have gained popularity as a result of long years of hard work. The experts at Dinafem strive hard to make it stand among the world’s top rated seed banks. Moreover, the cannabis seeds produced in the Dinafem seeds bank are certified which add to the safety quotient of the seeds.

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*all photos from Dinafem Seeds Instagram

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